Austin Martin

American Actor | Singer | Songwriter
Austin Martin is a name to be remembered. His compelling textured tenor and soaring vocal styles will be a breath of hot, fresh air on any music lover’s speakers. He sails through country melodies with a touch of hip hop attitude to achieve his signature sound. Coming from an unlikely place, with unlikely influences, he’s not your typical Montana rancher, though he was born and raised on a ranch just outside of Billings, Montana. Austin attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan and went on to break the top 35 out of 100,000 competitors on the Oxygen Network’s, The Glee Project. Shortly after, he made it to the executive producer round of American Idol, a place most aspiring singers can only dream of. Citing influences as diverse as Michael Jackson, Jon Pardi, John Mayer, and Chris Brown as well as late great country stars such as Willie Nelson and Chris Ledoux, he is one of the few artists on the rise who approaches country music with a complex yet relatable vision. His signature style, the classics, country roots, and a mix of modern hip hop, bring out a fresh approach to a hybridized sound, branding his own style of modern music with a fresh from the fire branding iron. As a confident and outgoing performer he has charmed audiences from New York to L.A., whether with a full band or armed only with an acoustic guitar and a microphone. With an eager, disciplined work ethic and a cool, confident attitude, you can expect to see him on a stage near you.


Austin has made the Top 35 on the Glee Project, been on five national tours, and about to go on his sixth co-headlining tour. In addition, he made it to the executive producer round of American Idol in California and charted the Billboards twice. His EP “Smells Like Bad News” with “Who TF Is Justin Time” went to number one on the blues country iTunes charts. To help accelerate his career, Austin decided to create the dynamic band, “Austin Martin & The Herd”. This is an eclectic and talented group of experienced musicians that include: Mark Romain (guitarist), David Bedell (drums), and Jack Ryan (Bass). Austin intuitively understands that without a team nothing is possible. Austin Martin & The Herd recently completed their 2023 “Scars N Stripes Tour”. They have been in the studio recording their newest album, “American Brewed” and preparing for their 2024 national tour.


Born in Billings, MT, Austin spent half his life living on a ranch outside of Billings in the small town of Ryegate, where he learned to ride horses and work cattle after his parents’ divorce. Following his graduation from Billings Central Catholic High School he attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Upper West Side Manhattan where he honed in his songwriting and acting skills. Austin has recorded pop music, rap music and has recently went back to his roots recording country songs in Los Angeles with world renowned guitarist and engineer, Michael “Fish” Herring. Austin Martin has recently charted with his latest EP, “Smells Like Bad News” with Who TF Is Justin Time, and is looking to chart again with his upcoming album, Small Town Nights. Fellow musician, mentor, and friend, Overtime, has taken Austin under his wing and is showing him the ropes on how to be a successful independent artist; you can expect to see them on a stage near you.


Born in Billings, MT to his parents, Wendi and Kelly, Austin is the oldest of 6 children and grew up with a two family life after the divorce of his parents when he was 8 months old. He was lucky enough to then have four loving parents after both Wendi and Kelly remarried when he was just 2 years old. Wendi marrying Dale and Kelly remarrying to Tanya. From there Austin would travel back and forth every other week from Billings to Ryegate where he learned hard work both in the cattle business and the music industry. Austin’s dad, Kelly, is a DJ and taught Austin a love for music at a very early age, studying all genres and styles. Austin’s step dad, Dale, is a cattle rancher and taught him hard work and the ins and outs of cattle. Both instilled in him the value of hard work and dedication in polar opposite fields, making Austin who he is today.
s Austin grew, sports became a major part of his life. He was a two-sport athlete playing baseball and football– which would become his primary sport. At the age of 16 Austin picked up a guitar and started becoming obsessed with playing, songwriting, and singing. He wrote and recorded his first real album by the age of 20, and continues to write and record today. At the age of 17 Austin was in a group called Cowboy Click where he and a group of other artists would record in his dad’s basement, print CDs, and sell them around the other high schools in Billings. After Austin graduated high school he had some tough decisions to make as far as work and school. Like any kid, he knew what his passions were but had to decide if he was going to continue to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician or taking the safe route of working for his dad’s company. Austin worked for a couple years, still playing music and writing until he decided to take the leap and audition for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NY. After being accepted he attended AMDA for two years until auditioning and breaking into the top 35 of 100,000 singers on the “Oxygen Network’s”, The Glee Project. That is where he met Michael “Fish” Herring who has worked with artists such as Prince, Tupac, Christina Aguilera, Frank Ocean, and many more. Austin and Fish continue to work together today and will soon release Austin’s debut country album titled Small Town Nights.
In 2016 Austin met another great producer, Jon Barnea (sixpointpros) where they wrote and recorded many pop albums together. Together they are best known for their song “These Eyes”. In 2017 Austin and Jon opened up for a big act, Overtime, in Miles City. It is here Austin would catch the ear of Overtime and begin touring with him. Shortly after that Austin started featuring on Overtime’s songs and still does to this day.
Austin has found a group of hard working and dedicated fans across the U.S. who simply want something to relate to. His music has transformed from a pop/hip hop sound to a more country/rock hip hop style. If you have never seen Austin perform on stage you are missing out! He brings an energy and style that is hard to match.
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